Created by Marketers for Marketers

Simple to set-up and powerful on results, ClickTale allows you to create revenue-winning Digital Customer Experience
for all your customers, across all devices.

Session Playback
Watch on-demand session playbacks for individual customers on any device.
Data-Rich Heatmaps

Dramatically improve Digital Customer Experience with the industry’s most advanced heatmaps
featuring detailed Link Analytics.

Heatmaps for Desktop

Understand how visitors experience your site from desktops and laptops with 4 different heatmaps; Mouse Move, Click, Attention and Scroll-Reach.

Link Analytics

Get detailed statistics for every page element in your heatmap and drill-down into individual
Session Playbacks.

Heatmaps for Mobile

Understand how visitors experience your site from smartphones and tablets with 3 different heatmaps; Tap, Exposure and Attention.

Conversion Tools

Increase the conversion rate of your forms and funnels.

Form Analytics

Improve online form-completion rates
by discovering which fields take too long to fill,
which are left blank, and why visitors leave.

Conversion Funnels

Increase conversion rates by identifying
where visitors leave the conversion process.
Drill-down into individual Session Playback to understand why.

Site Efficiency Tools

Effortlessly monitor your website’s efficiency and performance to quickly resolve problems.  

JS Errors Report

Prioritize page fix urgency based on JavaScript errors.
Detect their source, and resolve them quickly.

Page Console

Monitor unique page performance by discovering pages that are most engaged, most scrolled and elements that are most clicked.

Bounce Rate Report

Quickly identify different bounce types to ensure your site attracts the right visitors and converts them more effectively.

Key Differentiators
Enterprise–class SaaS

Easy to deploy, scalable to millions of visitors and compatible with any website infrastructure.

Qualitative and Quantitative

Accurately diagnose issues
by seeing the full picture.
Drill down from data-rich heatmaps
to individual Session Playbacks.

Integrated Ecosystem

Enhance the value of your entire marketing ecosystem by easily integrating with all major optimization, VOC and analytics tools.

Professional Consulting

Achieve your business goals with our dedicated industry experts and powerful psychological insights into customer behavior.

"The unique value ClickTale adds is the ability to show why.
ClickTale explains the reasons behind the Adobe Analytics”.

Matt Begin, RSA