Visitor Recordings

See absolutely everything visitors do on your webpage. Watch recordings of your visitors' full browsing sessions to discover exactly how they use your site. It's as if you're looking over their shoulder!

We capture every mouse move, click, scroll and keystroke, by using a tiny piece of JavaScript copied into your website. The whole process is completely transparent to the end user, and has no noticeable effect on your site performance.

  • See your site through the eyes of your visitors. Understand how they use your site, what they're trying to achieve and where they encounter errors. By optimizing your customer's progress through your website you can guarantee better conversion rates, increased sales and see a much higher return on your investment.
  • Our Advanced Filtering will let you find specific videos of customers who complete or drop out of any pre-defined or post-defined business process, scenario or funnel. From e-commerce funnels and online checkouts to complicated website navigation and everything in between, any process you have can be tracked, viewed and optimized.

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