Mouse Tracking Suite

ClickTale's Mouse Tracking Suite let you see your site through the eyes of your visitors. By tracking your visitors' mouse movements through your website and optimizing their progress, you can increase conversion rates and maximize ROI.

Using ClickTale's mouse tracking suite, you can get qualitative rich data from watching recordings of your visitors' full browsing sessions to see their every mouse move, click, scroll and keystroke. Understand what your visitors are trying to achieve on your website and where they encounter errors.

ClickTale's Mouse Tracking Suite solution provides:

  • Real-Time Visual Visitor Feedback. Immediately see which content, elements and layout increase conversion rates, what your customers focus on just before they decide to purchase a product, and how many people miss your call to action buttons. The sooner you know and implement needed improvements, the faster you can increase conversions.
  • Complete Transparency. Visitors navigate your website naturally, completely unaware they are being tracked. Unlike traditional usability labs, record visitors in their own home or office, providing accurate Mouse Tracking Suite with a wide array of browsers, operating systems, or screen sizes.
  • Global Participation. Track visitors from all over the world. As long as there is traffic coming to your site, you can be continually recording, any time you want.
  • Affordable and Accurate Solution. Mouse Tracking Suite is a fraction of the cost of traditional eye tracking solutions, requiring no specialized equipment or skills, allowing all businesses with any budget to take part in web usability testing.

From form submission and online checkouts to complicated website navigation and everything in between, the ClickTale Mouse Tracking Suite solution enables any business process you have to be tracked, viewed and optimized to improve your bottom-line.

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