Click Heatmaps

See everywhere your visitors click anywhere on the page, whether it's links, images, text or dead space. Find the obstructions in your conversion funnels by seeing what advertisements, images and links aren't getting enough clicks, and what call to action buttons are being ignored. 

You'll discover that visitors are clicking on parts of the page that aren't links, but perhaps should be. See if visitors are clicking on your images and text, such as “Special Offers” banners, buttons or icons, without going anywhere. If these critical page elements are not linked to anything, you are losing potential customers and sales! 

  • Quickly and easily conduct A/B testing to dramatically increase your conversion rates. Discover how subtle design changes in different page versions can help improve your visitors' interactions, and ultimately increase your ROI. You'd be amazed at how small changes in your page layout can dramatically affect your sales figures.
  • Use our Link Analytics to discover not only where visitors click, but also where they hover, how long they hover for, their hover conversion rate to clicks, and much more. Our in depth statistics and graphical interpretation will help you understand how to convert these hovers into profitable clicks.
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