Attention Heatmaps

See how much attention a specific website area gets from your visitors. Find what content your visitors care about the most, what they read, and what they completely skip over.

Tailor your content exactly to your visitors' interests. Once you know precisely what your visitors want to read, you're only a few steps away from writing the perfect copy, holding your visitors' interest, and reducing abandonment rates.

  • Web marketers can now easily identify the boring areas in webpages that most visitors skip. These areas increase visitor frustration and cause potential customers to abandon the site. This is especially valuable to eCommerce websites that use long marketing pages. Now problem areas can be identified, revised and monitored, significantly reducing abandonment rates.
  • Increase your ad-based revenue by optimizing your advertising location and increase its impact. By analyzing where visitors focus their attention and changing ad placement accordingly, website owners can both maximize their revenues and design a clean webpage layout.
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