Data-Rich Heatmaps

Mouse Move Heatmaps Mouse Click Heatmaps Heatmap Suite
ClickTale's Comprehensive Heatmap Suite lets you optimize your websites conversion rates and usability by visualizing your visitors' every mouse move, click, and scroll. 

Heat maps are aggregated reports that visually display what parts of a webpage are looked at, clicked on, focused on and interacted with by thousands of online visitors.

ClickTale's comprehensive heat map suite includes:

Mouse Move Heatmap

Find out exactly what visitors are looking at and focusing on within your webpages. Our Mouse Move Heat map is the definitive method for conducting accurate eye-tracking on a global scale and at a fraction of the cost. Instead of testing a handful of users for thousands of dollars, you can test thousands of users for a fraction of a dollar each.

Click Heatmap

See everywhere your visitors click anywhere on the page, whether it's links, images, text or dead space. You'll discover that visitors are clicking on parts of the page that aren't links, but perhaps should be. See if visitors are clicking on your images and text, such as “Special Offers” banners, buttons or icons, without going anywhere.

Attention Heatmap

See how much attention a specific website area gets from your visitors. Find what content your visitors care about the most, what they read, and what they completely skip over. Tailor your content exactly to your visitors' interests to maximize engagement and conversion rates.

Scroll-Reach Heatmap

Find out exactly where the page fold lies on your webpage, how far down your visitors scroll, and at what point your visitors abandon the page. Discover which pages need to be shorter, and which ones should be made longer. Adjust your pages' lengths based on your visitors' actual scrolling habits.

ClickTale's Mouse Move Heat map, Attention Heat map, Scroll-Reach Heat map, and Click Heat map each provide their own set of visual data about your visitors' browsing behavior. Learn how to optimize your website based on your customers' actual behavior, increasing your conversion rates, minimizing your site abandonment, and maximizing your profits.