Advanced Filtering

Define any business process, scenario or funnel to discover which visitors complete the process, which drop out, and why! From e-commerce funnels and online checkouts to complicated website navigation and everything in between, any process you have can be tracked and optimized.

By optimizing your customer's progress through your funnels you can guarantee better conversion rates, increased sales and see a much higher return on your investment.

  • While traditional web analytics can only show you which pages of the funnel your potential customers abandoned, ClickTale's new Advanced Filtering can help you find out why! You don't need to watch hundreds of hours of visitor recordings, you can simply filter your visitors and watch only the recordings that match specific business scenarios.
  • You can define a funnel or business process with our extensive set of filters. For example, find where your customers came from, what pages they visited, what links they clicked on, how far down they scrolled, and if they successfully converted to name a few. If you want to get more specific, you can even define your funnels by customers who hovered over a button or link but DIDN'T click on it, differentiate between quick customers and those who took a while to checkout, and even between your higher paying customers and your lower paying ones!
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