Conversion Tools

Conversion Analytics is the only comprehensive web analytics suite dedicated entirely to helping you understand why your visitors succeed or fail to complete each step of your online conversion process! 

ClickTale provides the tools to find out exactly what visitors hope to achieve on your site and how to improve their experience, increasing your conversion rates and maximizing your ROI:

Conversion Analytics

Conversion Analytics

Advanced Filtering

Define any business process, scenario or funnel to discover which visitors complete the process, which drop out, and why. Filter your visitors and watch video session playbacks of individual users that match your specific business needs. Segmented Heatmaps give site owners the ability to filter ClickTale's full range of visual heatmaps based on any customer information or browsing behavior.

Conversion Funnels

Dramatically improve your bottom line by discovering where lost customers leave the conversion process. Use your existing ClickTale data to easily and instantly explore multiple conversion paths within your site. Our Drill-Down feature is the only web analytics tool to combine conversion funnels with video session playback to provide both quantitative statistics and qualitative behavioral data about your visitors at each step of your conversion funnel.

Form Analytics

ClickTale's Form Analytics Suite helps you improve your online forms' conversion rates. Consisting of five unique reports that tell you which fields take too long to fill, are most frequently left blank, generate the most errors and cause your visitors to leave. By seeing your forms through the eyes of your visitors, you can discover simple ways to reduce your visitors' frustration and ensure that more visitors are able to complete the conversion process.

Link Analytics

Optimize your visitor's behavior by discovering how visitors respond to and interact with your hyperlinks. Eight distinct behavioral reports reveal comprehensive information about your visitors' hovers, clicks, hesitation time, and visit order.