ClickTale Enterprise Solution

ClickTale provides a powerful yet easy to deploy SaaS-based solution
that enables companies to fully optimize their digital channels 
and effortlessly develop a revenue-winning online experience.

Robust, Scalable and Smart! 

Whatever your website optimization goals,
ClickTale has the full range of capabilities to make it happen – fast.


Scalable to millions
of page views

360° View

Full ecosystem integration
and enrichment 


Complete service and
Consulting support 

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A Solution for Every Online Goal

Whether you want visitors to buy a product, book a service, download content or get online support,
ClickTale provides the full 360 view that will help you optimize online experience
and take your conversion results far up.

“Once we integrated ClickTale and Adobe Analytics, which is as easy as making a minor updates to the analytics code, it really changed the game for us". 

Jeffrey Franzetti
Senior Consultant-Interactive Marketing

“ClickTale has shown us that on many occasions, our customers haven’t been translating  our intent as fully as we thought they were”. 

Tom Fox
Senior Web Analytics Manager
Centrica – British Gas

Strategic Alignment & Partnership

With ClickTale you don’t just get a powerful product. You get your own personal Consulting Services team.
Consisting of industry, CX and web psychology experts, we work closely with you
to thoroughly understand your business goals, set key performance indicators
and meet with you periodically to provide the latest insights and analyses.