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The Psychology Of Online Customization

Contributed by Dr. Liraz Margalit the Customer Experience Psychologist at ClickTale

E-commerce firms are discovering the value of online product customization and the additional revenue potential that can be generated from it.
Over the last few years, product customization has burgeoned in the online space, as consumers look to buy a plethora of differing mass customized goods from suits to handbags and shoes, from bicycles to personal computers.
A survey of more than 1,000 online shoppers conducted by Bain & Co. found that more than a quarter of shoppers, 25-30 percent, are interested in online customization options, even if only 10 percent have tried it until now. Moody’s estimates U.S. online clothing and shoe sales will top $45 billion by the end of 2014. If 25 percent of those online sales were customized, that would mean over $11 billion in sales per year from online customization.

The Last Thing You Want Your Customers to Do: Think

Contributed by Dr. Liraz Margalit the Customer Experience Psychologist at ClickTale

Product information is considered to be a crucial factor in purchasing experience. According to the American Express Retail Monitor, 85 percent of retailers view the provision of product information as a key factor in attracting consumers. The prevalent assumptions regarding ecommerce product pages dictate that exposure to reviews, product details and technical specifications increase the likelihood of purchasing the product. However, analyses of ecommerce websites that we conducted for our retail clients revealed surprising behavior: visitors who were exposed to additional details and information about the product were less likely to purchase it compared to visitors who were exposed only to the product image and general details.

Use Heatmaps To See How Visitors Are Interacting With Your Site

Analytics are effective in showing how many clicks your website gets and how they got there. While this information can be useful in tweaking your search engine marketing efforts, you still may be missing a very important piece of the puzzle. Once your marketing has done its work and sent potential customers your way, how do you know which sections of your site are successful? A guest could leave halfway through scrolling through your main page due to a small issue that could easily be tweaked. Heatmaps are a great way to gather insight on how visitors are interacting with each page on your site. Through the right tools, you can determine which elements might need to be tweaked, moved to a different area of your page, or removed altogether. Here are a few ways heatmaps can help you improve your site.

Past News

Enhance Your Creativity Through Analytics
There are two primary kinds of analytics you can use to validate your creative ideas: 1 - Behavioral analytics like those delivered by Google Analytics and Adobe SiteCatalyst. These tools track the page-to-page behavior of visitors en masse. 2 - User interaction analytics like those delivered by Crazy Egg and ClickTale. These tools use heatmaps and session replays to uncover the way visitors interact with specific pages. With these tools, we can look for evidence that our creative ideas will make a difference.
iPerceptions and ClickTale Team Up to Combine Digital Customer...
iPerceptions and ClickTale Team Up to Combine Digital Customer Experience Insights With Voice of the Customer Feedback.  iPerceptions, Inc. a leader in Digital Customer Research solutions, and ClickTale(R), the enterprise leader in Digital Customer Experience, today announced the integration of their two solutions to provide in-depth digital customer experience context to Voice of the Customer feedback. Leveraging patent-protected technology, the iPerceptions-ClickTale solution automatically triggers a ClickTale Session Playback recording when...
Adobe Adds ClickTale Visualization Tools
Ever want to watch how prospects either discover or discard your products and services while traveling through your website? Users of Adobe Analytics will now be able to watch videos of anonymous visitors' browsing sessions thanks to an integration of ClickTale feature. ClickTale's tools allow marketers to identify and assemble high-value audiences. In combination with Adobe Analytics, ClickTale claims, they will now be able to analyze segments and use new insights to optimize conversion paths segment by segment.
Measuring the Digital Voice of the Customer Experience
To effectively solve customer issues, it's necessary to understand the visitor experience. Fortunately for digital professionals, technologies exist which make the challenge of doing this far simpler. Digital customer research solution iPerceptions and ClickTale, a provider of digital analytics (including heatmaps and visitor playback recordings) and customer experience solutions, have integrated their solutions to enable marketers to connect a visitor's online feedback with their actual in-page experience.
ClickTale Launches Customer-Experience Consulting (CXC)...
ClickTale, the leader in Digital Behavior Management™, today launched Customer-Experience Consulting (CXC) Services, a new offering that provides market leading advice and insights to help companies maximize the ROI of their online and mobile Internet properties. The ClickTale CXC team of seasoned experts works proactively with companies to develop goals, identify the most relevant metrics, explore visitor behavior, and recommend actionable steps that optimize website usability and conversion rates. “ClickTale’s CXC services have...
Using Data to understanding customer behavior
Using Data to understanding customer behavior is a big investment theme! ClickTale is leading the pack, providing more than 80,000 clients including T-mobile and others. Basically the company uses a patented technology that records mouse movements and key strokes.  An Interview with Dr. Tal Schwartz, ClickTale co-founder and CEO.   
ClickTale sees 50 percent annual sales growth
ClickTale, whose software enables website owners to see how people behave on their sites, expects to maintain an annual sales growth rate of over 50 percent in the next few years as companies seek to improve their customers' experience. "Sales have grown by thousands of percent over the last six years to tens of millions of dollars a year," co-founder and Chief Executive Tal Schwartz told Reuters. "The growth rate is over 50 percent year over year."
ClickTale Raises $17M For Its In-Page Analytics
ClickTale, a company that helps businesses understand what visitors are actually doing on their websites, just announced that it has raised $17 million in Series B funding.The company tries to go beyond the standard information revealed by most other analytics services, offering things like recordings of visitor sessions, heat maps that show where people moved their mouse and clicked, and a visualizer showing each step towards converting visitors into paying customers or registered users.

Upcoming Events

eTail West

eTail is the one-stop shop for ecommerce and multi-channel retail executives providing workshops, round table discussions, panels, speaking sessions and more to enhance online business strategies.

Palm Springs, CA, USA 
Feb 17-20, 2015

Adobe Summit 2015

THE Digital Marketing Conference! by Adobe. 
Together with industry pros and innovators, explore the latest trends, Digital marketing tools and learn how to get better, more quantifiable results from your digital marketing programs.

ClickTale is a technology partner of Adobe, offering Adobe Analytics customers the ability to leverage their existing investments by visualizing the in-page behavior of each and every segment. 

Salt Lake City, UT
March 9-13 2015

Past Events

The ClickTale Café - Experience room #8

Tobacco Dock, London, UK
Nov 12-13, 2014

Booth #5

Estrel Hotel, Berlin, Germany
Nov 12-13, 2014

Upcoming Webinars

Supercharge Analytics with Digital Intelligence
Wednesday December 3rd, at 11:00-11:45AM EST/4:00-4:45PM GMT

The challenge of today’s online marketer is to use web analytics smarter - to scale the delivery of Digital Customer Experience across multiple channels and devices.
To make Web Analytics more effective, guest speaker Forrester Research’s James McCormick introduces the concept of ‘Digital Intelligence’ and how this provides a solid analytics foundation for superior Digital Customer Experience.
ClickTale’s Hadas Sheinfeld then explains how today’s enterprise challenges are affecting the design of the latest Web Analytics tools.

A Day in a Life - The new Digital analytics professional
December 2014

Discover how today’s web analytics professionals are able to quickly identify and effectively resolve hidden web experience issues.

  • Learn how to get stronger conversion results from specific, targeted web analytics segments
  • Find out how to resolve the inefficiencies in A/B testing by leveraging Digital Customer experience context
  • Understand how to connect Voice of Customer feedback with the individual customer’s actual web experience!

An overview of the ClickTale solution and methodology including; Conversion Funnels,  Form Analytics, Heatmaps, Session Playback and more!

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