About ClickTale

Founded in 2006, ClickTale® is the leader in Digital Behavior Management™, creating innovative products and services that empower online and mobile business success. By understanding consumers’ behavior and psychology, ClickTale enables businesses to achieve their online goals, improve usability, and dramatically increase conversion rates.

Over 100,000 businesses worldwide, of all sizes and verticals, including many Fortune 500 companies, rely on ClickTale to convert behavior into business. The company's SaaS products deliver actionable insights through powerful visualizations of in-page behavior – including playable videos of browsing sessions and multilayered heatmaps.

ClickTale is effectively transforming the web into experiences that are enjoyable for consumers and more lucrative for businesses. 


ClickTale has been recognized by Deloitte as one the 20 fastest growing companies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa by Deloitte, growing an astounding 5,553% over a five-year period. The company's dramatic growth in recent years was almost entirely funded by its customers, which reflects the tremendous value its software and services provide.

Deloitte Tech Fast500 EMEA 2013