About ClickTale

The enterprise leader in Digital Customer Experience, Clicktale enables businesses to maximize revenues by optimizing the way people experience the digital world – whether from desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Clicktale’s comprehensive solution combines a ready-to-use SaaS software suite with dedicated consulting services that together, empower enterprise businesses to deliver revenue-winning Digital Customer Experience.

Clicktale’s SaaS software suite combines a qualitative and quantitative approach to customer website analytics, enabling you to zoom from the full conversion funnel to playable video of individual user browser sessions to 7 different types of heatmaps featuring information-rich statistics on every part of each page or form.

Clicktale is designed to integrate with the full spectrum of marketing enterprise software. By enriching the data from tools such as analytics, A/B testing and Voice of Customer, Clicktale reveals the real reasons behind customer behavior, enabling you to move quickly to resolve areas of online struggle.

Clicktale creates revenue-winning customer experiences for over 100,000 businesses worldwide,
including many Fortune 500 companies. Clicktale is committed to making the digital world more enjoyable for people and more lucrative for businesses.


ClickTale has been recognized by Deloitte as one the 20 fastest growing companies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa by Deloitte, growing an astounding 5,553% over a five-year period. The company's dramatic growth in recent years was almost entirely funded by its customers, which reflects the tremendous value its software and services provide.

Deloitte Tech Fast500 EMEA 2013