About ClickTale

The enterprise leader in Digital Customer Experience

ClickTale enables businesses to maximize revenues by optimizing the way people experience
the digital world – whether from desktop, tablet or smartphone.

SaaS Deployment & Dedicated Consulting


A comprehensive solution combining a ready-to-use SaaS software suite 
with dedicated consulting services, ClickTale empowers enterprise businesses to deliver
revenue-winning Digital Customer Experience in the fastest, most profitable manner possible.


Qualitative & Quantitative Feature Set

Qualitative dataCombining a qualitative and quantitative approach, ClickTale allows you to zoom from your
automatically generated conversion funnel down to the recorded browser sessions of individual users 
and back out to 7 types of heatmaps featuring detailed statistics on every part of every page or form.


Integration-Ready & Ecosystem Empowering


Clicktale is designed to integrate with the full spectrum of marketing enterprise software.
By enriching the data from web analytics, A/B testing or Voice of Customer tools, 
ClickTale enables you to move quickly to resolve areas of online struggle.


The Choice of Global Enterprises

ClickTale creates revenue-winning digital customer experiences for some of the world’s
most successful enterprises businesses including many Fortune 500 companies.

T Mobile Orange

Recognized by Deloitte as one the 20 fastest growing companies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa,
ClickTale has grown at an astounding 5,553% over a five-year period.
The company has been funded by Amadeus Capital, Goldrock Capital and the Viola Group, among others.